City of Shawnee

Facility Rental

The Civic Centre, located at 13817 Johnson Drive, features rooms will accommodate groups from 25 to 500. The full building accommodates up to 715 people. Rooms are available for Special Functions, Meetings, Seminars, Weddings/Receptions, Dances, Sporting Events, Trade Shows, etc.

Reservation Request Form (all reservations must be made in person)
Civic Centre Rental Brochure

Facility Rental Hours

  • Monday - Thursday: 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
  • Friday - Saturday: 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. (Rental until 12 Midnight available upon request)
  • Sunday - 12:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Facility Rental Rates
All rates are hourly (1/2 hour available upon request). Please note the 20% premium on Saturdays. All rentals include setup of tables and chairs. Please include your setup and clean up time in your rental. 

Hourly Rentals Rates


Rooms Available Max Capacity Civic Group Shawnee Resident/Business Non-Resident Commercial
Multipurpose Room 400-500 $72/$86.40 $90/$108 $120/$144 $149/$178.80
Multipurpose Room/Kitchen 400-500 $92/$110.40 $115/$138 $153/$183.60 $191/$229.20
1 Meeting Room 18-25 $12/$14.40 $15/$18 $20/$24 $25/$30
2 Meeting Rooms 36-50 $24/$28.80 $30/$36 $40/$48 $50/$60
3 Meeting Rooms 48-75 $32/$38.40 $40/$48 $53/$63.60 $66/$79.20
Little Theatre 54-65 $32/$38.40 $40/$48 $53/$63.60 $66/$79.20
Senior Room 72-75 $32/$38.40 $40/$48 $53/$63.60 $66/$79.20
1/2 Senior Room 30-40 $16/$19.20 $20/$24 $27/$32.40 $33/$39.60
Large Kitchen
$20/$24 $25/$30 $33/$39.60 $42/$50.40
Small Kitchen
0 $5/$6 $7/$8.40 $8/$9.60
Senior w/3 Meeting Rooms & Kitchen 102-150 $68/$81.60 $85/$102 $113/$135.60 $141/$169.20
Full Building Rental
$192/$230.40 $240/$288 $319/$382.80 $398/$477.60

* Please note: a 20% premium will be applied to all Saturday rentals. This cost is in red.
Maximum Room Capacity- 
​The first number represents party style maximum capacity with tables and chairs. The second, higher number, represents maximum capacity lecture style with chairs only.

Equipment Rental Rates
Extension Cord - $5/each
Easel - $10/each
Microphone/Bluetooth - $10/each
Portable Projector - $20
Podium - $10/each
Screen - $15
Stage (8ft x 16ft) - $25
LED Presentation TV - $35 (available in the Meeting Rooms and Senior Room only)
LCD Projector and Screen- $35 (available in the Theater only)
Pumper Pot of Coffee- $10

Facility Rental Diagram

Upper Level (pdf)
Upper Lever - All Upstairs (pdf)
Lower Level (pdf)
Little Theatre (pdf)
Senior Room (pdf)
1 Meeting Room (pdf)
2 Meeting Rooms (pdf) 
3 Meeting Rooms (pdf)

Category Definitions

Civic - An organization with an office located within the City limits of Shawnee meeting the Internal Revenue Service qualifications for 501(c)(3) status. Proof Required.

Resident/Business - A business with an office in the City limits (for non-business activity) primary living domicile in City limits. Non-business related activity by non-resident of a Shawnee business does not qualify under this category. Proof of Residency Required.

Non-Resident - An individual whose primary living domicile is outside the City limits of Shawnee.

Commercial - When a fee will be charged by the renter to others to use the facility, either by an admission charge at the door, advance ticket sales or registration fees; or when company business will be conducted.

Gym Rental for Basketball or Volleyball

Fall/Winter Season (October to March)- Rentals begin first the Wednesday after Labor Day.
Spring/Summer Season (April to September)- Rentals begin the first Wednesday in March.

1/2 Gym Court Rental:

  • Reservations are for one court/half of the full gym.
  • Each team may reserve only one time slot per week.
  • Each person may reserve a time slot for only one team.
  • Team rosters are required with all players' names, and addresses.
  • Reservations must be made in person at the Shawnee Civic Centre.
  • Fees: $18.00 per court per hour

Reservations will be limited to Shawnee residents and business owners. Reservations are also available for teams with 50% Shawnee residents (please provide a roster with players names, ages, and addresses).

The fall/winter season will open to non-residents one week after Labor Day. The Spring/Summer season will open to residents the second Monday in March.